Kool Kap

Your Air Conditioner's New Best Friend

Kool Kap is the world’s only permanent, protective air conditioning cover.
No other cover made can protect your expensive air conditioner all year long.

Keep the leaves out of your outdoor unit

Protect your outdoor air conditioning unit with Kool Kap.

Protect your air conditioner year round with a Kool Kap. Day in and day out, your air conditioner’s condensing unit is subjected to the sun, rain, snow, ice, leaves, dirt, sticks and other debris. This debris collects in the bottom your condensing unit and traps water, snow and ice. All this trapped moisture causes your system to prematurely rust and corrode, damaging your system. By keeping your condensing unit clean, it will run at peak efficiency saving you money on your utility bills. Once a Kool Kap is installed, you never have to fuss with it. The Kool Kap remains on your condenser year round, so put it on, let it work and forget about it.

Isn't it time your air conditioner had a new best friend?

Kool Kap Sizing

Kool Kaps are manufactured in three sizes that fit virtually every brand and model of air conditioner made, new or old.

  • A Small Kool Kap will cover a rectangular shaped condenser with a fan opening up to 22 inches in diameter.
  • A Medium Kool Kap will cover a rectangular shaped condenser with a fan opening of 23 inches in diameter up to 26 inches in diameter.
  • A Large Kool Kap will cover a rectangular condenser with a fan opening form 27 inches in diameter to 30 inches in diameter.
Kool Kaps WILL NOT FIT on round or cylindrical shaped condensing units.
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