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Get Up to $4525 in Rebates and Tax Incentives When You Install a New Inverter Heat Pump and Furnace*

Plus, financing as low as 7.65% APR based on your credit score.

If you are on the fence about upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system, now is the perfect time to make a move.

Replacing your central AC with an Amana S-Series heat pump provides greater comfort and cuts your heating and cooling bill. And now you can take advantage of federal tax credits and DTE & SEMCO energy efficiency rebates to save even more.

To take advantage of this offer call us at (810) 985-7103 and ask for the APRL HEAT PUMP PROMOTION. We’ll send a technician who will provide a free evaluation of your current HVAC system. He’ll advise you on how to configure your new HVAC system to maximize the tax credits and rebates available and the package options available for you.

Trust our techs to service your AC in Port Huron MI.
Trust our techs to service your AC in Port Huron MI.

Why Would I Want a Heat Pump?

Like an air conditioner, heat pumps cool your house when it is hot outside. In fact, if you saw a heat pump, you would not be able to tell the difference between it and an air conditioner. However, a heat pump can also heat your house when it is cold outside. And it does this without the use of fossil fuels. Up until now it has been uncommon to see heat pumps in Northern Climates due to the high cost of electricity compared to gas and the technology not being able to heat homes on extremely cold days.

However, due to rising gas costs, improvements in technology, and recent utility and tax incentives, the time has finally come for heat pumps in Northern climates.

What Is An Inverter?

When you hear “inverter technology” you should think “lower utility bills.” Most AC systems operate like a light bulb. They are either “on” or “off.” There is no in-between. Whether you need 30% or 80% capacity, your air conditioner always comes on at full tilt until the house has cooled down enough. Not only is this very inefficient, but it also puts extra wear and tear on the system and causes comfort issues. Imagine if every time you hit the gas pedal in your car, you floored it. That is what your home comfort system is doing every time it turns on.

An inverter allows the system to work like a dimmer light switch. If only 30% of the system’s capacity is needed on a mild day, the system turns on at 30%. This saves you money, increases the comfort of your home and also reduces wear and tear on the system.

Trust our techs to service your AC in Port Huron MI.

What If I Still Want to Have a Furnace?

You can still have a furnace! We can install a new high-efficiency furnace to work in tandem with the heat pump. In fact, we recommend it. On extremely cold days, your system will automatically switch over to running your furnace. You get the best of both worlds: a high efficiency heat pump to handle most of the year, and a high efficiency furnace to handle the brutally cold days of winter.

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Financing Options

We have plenty of financing options** available to help you invest in your family’s comfort. And since you save money on your heating and cooling bills with the new system, it is more affordable than ever. Contact us today to set up a quote or learn more.

*Different models qualify for different amounts of incentives.

**Financing based upon credit approval.