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Revolutionary Furnace Heat Exchanger

Revolutionary Technology Breakthrough In Furnace Heat Exchangers:


Manufacturer Provides Unprecedented Bold Warranty In Case Of Failure After Heat Exchanger Exceeds

The most dreaded words a homeowner can hear about their furnace are “the heat exchanger is cracked.” for two good reasons. First, because a deadly situation has been uncovered. Second, because it usually signals a large expense as the heat exchanger or the furnace will need to be replaced.

Thanks to the bold new warranty from Amana, after the shock of realizing that a potentially life threatening situation has been found, at least the sting of those same words would be offset by receiving a new furnace free!

That’s because of the new Lifetime Replacement Warranty that Amana puts on it’s ‘Million-AirTM’ Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger. For someone who bought an Amana furnace with this warranty, a cracked or failed heat exchanger means they get a replacement furnace FREE!

By providing such a strong warranty, Amana has set an unheard of standard. To illustrate how amazing this warranty is, if this were a car instead of a furnace, it would be like the car maker promising to give you a brand new car if the motor wore out - for as long as you own the car!

This Tackles The #1 Problem In Furnace Making Today— Premature Heat Exchanger Failure

To understand the significance of this warranty - and for those who don’t know what a ‘heat exchanger’ is - let me provide some background information:

The heat exchanger is the interior metal passage separating the furnace flame’s harmful gasses from the indoor air being heated. The furnace uses these gasses - including deadly carbon monoxide - to heat the air after which the gasses are exhausted through the chimney.

Ironically, in the course of performing this task, each time the heat exchanger is heated up and then cooled down it begins to wear out. This is because the heat exchanger metal expands when it is heated and then contracts when it cools down. The ultimate effect is just like a paper clip that is bent back and forth: it eventually breaks due to metal fatigue.

As if normal wear wasn’t bad enough, poor air flow due to a bad installation, inadequate ductwork, or a lack of routine maintenance can lead to premature heat exchanger failure. Two out of every 10 furnaces over 15 years old can be expected to have a breached and potentially dangerous heat exchanger. This is why an annual safety inspection and maintenance is so important.

Therefore, finding older furnaces with failed heat exchangers comes as no surprise. What has been a surprise is finding bad heat exchangers in relatively young furnaces. Every heating season our maintenance and service department discover dangerous heat exchangers in newer furnaces – some even less than 5 years old. In each case, the homeowners are shocked when our technicians show them the actual cracks and holes in their newer furnace’s heat exchanger on the Infrared Video Inspection System that we equip our technicians with.

Why is this happening? In response to government energy standards, in trying to increase fuel efficiency furnace makers have redesigned heat exchangers and reduced the thickness of the metal used in it. This is to allow faster transfer of heat from the exhaust products to the indoor air. The downside of this is that, if the furnace is not sized correctly or installed properly, many of the newer high efficiency furnaces have been found to fail within just a few years.

Sadly, homeowners don’t know if this has occurred until a problem is detected. For this reason, choosing the right contractor to install and later to service and maintain your furnace is so important.

Another reason for premature heat exchanger failure lies with poor design by the furnace maker: not all designs are equal and some are prone to fail prematurely. This is why what Amana has accomplished with its ‘Million-AirTM’ Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is so remarkable.

With The Amana Technology You Will Probably Never Get To Hear Those Dreaded Words Again!

While its nice to think of having a warranty that provides a brand new furnace free, its more important to realize that if a furnace has a warranty that is that good, the furnace is probably that much safer for your family. And for good reason.

Not in the business to give away furnaces, Amana can make such a bold warranty because it has built a heat exchanger that under testing has ‘blown away’ all previous expectations of what was thought to be possible. Let me explain:

In order for a furnace heat exchanger to be approved for use it has to pass a rigorous stress test. In this test the heat exchanger is fired until it reaches a temperature of 1100º F - well above the normal high temperature - and then is cooled down to 200º F. This cycle is then repeated time and time again.

The minimum number of times that a heat exchanger must undergo this grueling test is 10,000 cycles. For testing purposes that is the equivalent of the stress that a heat exchanger would have to endure to reach a 20-year life threshold (even though outside the test lab setting obviously some are lasting a lot less than 20-years!).

Not satisfied with 10,000 cycles, Amana set out to build a heat exchanger that would surpass the minimum standard, and it succeeded. The ‘Million-AirTM’ Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger earned it’s name; at last count the Amana heat exchanger has surpassed 1.1 million stress cycles and is still going.

Amana set out to build a superior furnace and it has succeeded. Besides the unequaled heat exchanger, it has also incorporated a superior ignition system called ‘SureStartTM’ to make sure that it keeps heating. It’s no wonder that Amana has changed its slogan to ‘Amana ...It Lasts and Lasts and Lasts…’

Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing is proud to offer the Amana furnace with the ‘Million-AirTM’ Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger. It is a good fit with the high level of quality that we provide to each of our clients.

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