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Safe Drain Maintenance Solutions

Keep Your Drains Smelling Fresh & Flowing Free Nature's Way

Bio-CleanIn a world that increasingly relies on chemicals, for our drain lines, science has not been able to out-do nature. Science uses chemicals to burn a hole through a clog in the drain line. Unfortunately, the result is typically just a narrow opening through the clog at the bottom of the drain line. Not only will this narrow pathway quickly fill up again, but foul drain odors are not addressed because the source of the odors are never totally eliminated. Add to this the fact that the caustics and acids used are hard on drains.

Nature’s solution? Tiny little enzymes and bacteria that were created to eat organic waste –the very same stuff that accumulates in our drain lines until they become clogged. Bio-Clean harnesses these hungry little eating machines into ultra-effective ‘drain warriors’ that eventually strip the walls of the drain line clean from top to bottom. Environment friendly and totally ‘green’, it’s safe to have in your house - even with small kids around. This is because even should they get into it or even eat it, Bio-Clean is as harmless to people as eating ‘Play-Doh’ is to a child.

Drain Pipe 1Bio-Clean is an effective, totally natural solution to a disgusting problem. Eventually soap scum, hair, and grease – and food waste from kitchen disposers - builds up inside drain lines. Not only does it ‘outgas’ a foul odor of decay, but left untreated the drain line will throttle the flow of waste water until the eventual clogged drain stops up the sink or tub. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this buildup is like a smorgasbord to the horde of hungry bacteria and enzymes that are unleashed when you treat your drains with Bio-Clean.

Drain Pipe Start TreatmentTreatment is easy. The bacteria and enzymes in Bio-Clean are in a dormant, yeast-like powder form and so treatment is as simple as dumping a small scoop into a drain opening. Be sure to do this when the drain won’t be used for a while to let the ‘troops’ ‘have at it’ until water is run down the drain and they are ‘deployed’ further down the line. And if you have a septic system, using Bio-Clean is like sending in reinforcement troops to break down waste…and don’t forget to use it to ‘sweeten’ holding tanks in a boat or motor home!

Drain Pipe After TreatmentWithin days of consistent treatment you will note that the odors have disappeared. This is because the source of the smell of decay and rot is being eliminated. Then the drain itself will begin to flow easier, and eventually will be restored to its original, unhindered state. But don’t stop the treatments – you don’t have to use as much to maintain a drain, but continued use will prevent a buildup from occurring.

Bio-Clean is so effective that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. It has been around since the 70’s and the maker has carefully crafted and tweaked the formula to include the perfect blend of bacteria strains and enzymes to create a product of unmatched effectiveness.

Bio-Clean is only available through select plumbing companies. A 2lb. container is $50 – a bargain compared to having a plumbing service call and a messy drain cleaning with a plumber’s drain snake.

Simply call our office or ask us when we're in your home.

Many Other Uses for Bio-Clean:

Septic systems: Bio-Clean saves you money because you pump less often. Prevents drain field problems. Also, works great as a starter for new, or newly pumped, tanks. Special applications can even restore drain fields. So Bio-Clean works in your whole system- not just your tank.

Garbage Disposals: A film of food grindings can form in your disposal and cause foul odors. Bio-Clean removes this film to rid your kitchen of disposer smells. Bio-Clean is safe for all disposal parts, including the seals.

RV & Boat Holding Tanks: Why just deodorize? Bio-Clean ends odor problems; liquifies waste for easier draining; is safe (no formaldehyde); and saves money (costs less than 25 cents per treatment).

Cat Boxes: Bio-Clean controls odors like nothing you've ever tried. Extends litter life. Just sprinkle a moderate coating on fresh litter. Repeat as needed.

Basement Sumps: Now there is no need to clean sumps by hand. Regular use of Bio-Clean prevents grease and slime build up. Keeps floats, pumps, and lines clean. No more pump, or motor burn ups due to grease build up on floats.