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Why Settle for a Room Air Purifier?

Tired, miserable, and always catching a ’bug’? If your home’s air is the problem…

Why Settle For a Room Air Purifier When You Can Make Your Entire Home a 'Healthy Breathing Zone’?

Buying a room air purifier is a poor investment compared to the more powerful alternatives that attach to your furnace and ductwork. If the air purifier relies on air circulation, how could it’s blower—about the size of your computer cooling fan—possibly do as good a job as your furnace blower?

If you break down the cost of an air purifier based upon the square-footage affected, it’s no contest: whole house solutions are an incredible bargain. For a limited time, you can save even more money on these select Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products:

RGF Air Purifier - uses PHI technology to destroy molds, bacteria, and viruses. (The Chinese Government has tested and installed RGF's innovative, patent-pending PHI-Cell™ for use in preventing SARS in Chinese subways and Government buildings.)

OptimAir Filter

- the exclusive ‘automatic self-changing’ filter system. Every 30 days the used filter media is automatically replaced with fresh, clean media. Never find a ‘disgustingly filthy’ filter again!

High Efficiency Electronic Air Filter

- positively charged filter media can even capture cigarette smoke!

Source Removal Duct Cleaning

- you know your air ducts are clean because you can see them as they
are cleaned on the infrared Duct Vision video monitor. You wouldn’t vacuum in the dark—neither do we!

           Whole House HEPA Air Cleaner

- Long Life, True HEPA Filter. 99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns.