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VHP’s Plumbing & Water Heater Service

Next to your home’s heating system, your water heater poses the greatest potential lethal threat to you and your family’s safety in your home - yet it is typically ignored. Our Plumbing & Water Heater Service (formerly ‘Plumbing& Home Safety Service’) will make certain you and your family are not at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, from your water heater exploding or rupturing due to a failed Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve, and more. This service is so comprehensive it takes 1-1/2 hours to perform everything.

VHP’s PLUMBING & WATER HEATER SERVICE provides the essential water heater maintenance & safety checks so you can have assurance that you are protected from water heater risks.

Includes these features:

  • Annual Descaling Flush for Tankless Water Heaters
  • Visual Inspection of Tank Interior For Tank-Type Water Heaters
  • Air Intake Cleaning of Gas Fired FVIR Water Heaters

Here is a task list of the various safety & maintenance tasks we’ll take care of for you:

- Per WATTS T & P relief valve inspection guidelines:

  • Perform T & P valve annual safety check to prevent explosions.
  • Verify T & P valve installed correctly and for safe discharge.
  • Verify T & P valve is rated correctly for the tank.
  • Remove T & P valve and visually inspect for corrosion and accumulation of sediment deposits to make sure it will work.


  • Flush sediment from tank to reduce health risks & prolong tank life (flushed until water is clear.)
  • Perform visual inspection of anode rod, dip tube and tank interior for signs of wear.
  • Exhaust vent safety check to prevent CO leaking into house.
  • Perform flame safety check to prevent gas explosions.
  • Perform combustion testing with cleaning to ensure proper & safe performance.
  • Perform safety inspection of all gas fittings to it for leaks.


  • Perform annual descaling flush.
  • Perform safety inspection of all gas fi*ngs to it for leaks.


  • Flush sediment from tank to reduce health risks & prolong tank life (flushed until water is clear)
  • Perform visual inspection of elements, anode rod, dip tube and tank interior for signs of wear.
  • Remove access panels.
  • Visually inspect all electrical connections.
  • Visually inspect for signs of copper embrittlement.


  • Check all water line shut offs and emergency stops to verify they will function when needed.
  • Identify location of main shutoff and make certain that it works.
  • Examine drain lines & water lines for signs of leaking and concerns.
    (1-1/2 hours is allowed for visit not including travel time)

In addition to the extensive water heater safety and maintenance procedures, the plumbing technician will also inspect your home’s plumbing system to make certain that all your plumbing fixtures, water lines and drain lines are in good order and that there are no problems developing.

  • Were you aware that cast iron drains that were installed in homes built before the 70’s are wearing out and starting to crack and leak as they reach the end of their useful life?
    This is the sort of potential problem that our plumbing technician can ‘head off at the pass’ so you can be aware of potential issues that are developing before they become major problems. Then there are the plumbing emergencies that come out of nowhere—would you be ready for one?
  • Do you know where your main water shut-off is? - and - if you do know where it is - does it work?!?
    In addition to the plumbing inspection, we’ll show you where the main water shut-off to your house is AND we’ll test it to make certain that it will actually work when you need it. And for good measure we’ll test ALL of your water line shutoffs and emergency stops to make certain that they will work.
  • With a Plumbing & Water Heater Service visit you can KNOW:
    ...that your water heater failsafe (the T&P Valve) that keeps it from becoming a bomb is working.
    ...that the gas to your water heater will shut off rather than dump gas in your home if it doesn’t work.
    ...that your water heater isn’t dumping poisonous exhaust gasses into your home.
    ...that there are no faulty electrical shorts or signs of burning on your water heater.
    ...that your water heater has gotten the required annual maintenance it needs.
    ...that your gas lines to the water heater aren’t leaking.
    ...that a plumbing professional has looked over your home’s plumbing.
    ...that you will be ready for a plumbing emergency

Why Are Neglected Water Heaters so Dangerous?

  • On the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services website, faulty furnaces and water heaters are lumped together as the leading cause of carbon monoxide poisoning in Michigan.
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) echoes this concern and warns homeowners against neglecting these appliances. It recommends that BOTH your furnace and water heater should be serviced by a qualified technician EVERY YEAR to prevent CO poisoning in your home.

The Top 4 Hidden Water Heater Risks Are:

  • Tank ‘Ruptures’ Due to Failed Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Due to Water Heater Venting Problems
  • Scalding Due to Water Heater Temperatures That Are Too Hot
  • The Potential for Legionella Growth from Temperatures Set Too Low