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Flu Season Checklist

Flu Season Checklist

Have you thought about the air you breath?

Will the air in your home keep you healthy or make you sick?

Keep your immune system functioning at its peak! Here are some preventive things
you can do concerning the air in your home:

Install a Germicidal U.V. Air Purifier to kill air borne viruses and germs. If you are already protected by one, replace the bulb annually. Even if the bulb still lights, the part of the ‘killing’ wavelength deteriorates after 12 months.

Replace your furnace filter frequently especially if there is sickness in the home. Even better, install a high efficiency electronic air filter which more effectively eliminates the air borne dust and debris that can irritate your nose and throat.

Replace your humidifier pad and keep the relative humidity between 40% - 50%. Too much humidity encourages mold and dust mites. Too little can lead to irritation in your nose and throat. Replace reservoir type humidifiers that hold water where bacteria can grow.

Have your heating ducts cleaned. The air you breath travels through all of the filth — dust, dirt, pet dander, dust mites, germs, etc. — that can accumulate in your ductwork. These contaminates can irritate your nose and throat and affect your immune system.

Have your furnace checked for carbon monoxide. Even low levels of this deadly gas can affect your health and produce flu-like symptoms and deplete your immunities, making you vulnerable to viruses and germs. Have your system maintained for safety.

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