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Is your furnace an older, inefficient model?
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Improve Your Furnace or Boiler Combustion Performance to


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- Are Your Heating Bills TOO HIGH?
- Does Your Furnace Blow Air that Isn’t Hot Enough and You Don’t Feel Warm In Your House?
Have one of Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing’s Certified Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analysts Maximize Your Current Furnace’s Combustion performance to Give You
Lower Heating Bills and Hotter Air!

     Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing has combined the elements of basic furnace maintenance with the principles of combustion analysis and created a super tune-up for furnaces and boilers called a Combustion Optimization & Safety InspectionTM . Besides maximizing the combustion performance of your furnace or boiler, it will be thoroughly tested for safety including checks related to the dangers of carbon monoxide and those of natural gas or propane. Basic furnace maintenance such as cleaning the burner area, checking the ignition, checking the flue or vent pipe, checking the condensate drainage system, etc. is also performed.

     The Combustion Optimization & Safety InspectionTM  takes about 1-1/2 hours to do everything, and the regular price of $159 also covers the trip charge. You can make certain your furnace is safe, make your home more comfortable, and your energy savings may pay for it. Plus, use the coupon below and your entire investment - $149 - will be credited toward any heating repair service for one year as a way to introduce you to Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing. You can’t lose!

Why Do I Need A Combustion Analyst?
    A Combustion Analyst has specialized training and high-tech instruments that the typical heating technician doesn’t. They are trained how to measure your furnace exhaust gasses and have the knowledge to make the adjustments needed to maximize your furnace combustion performance to save you money.
     For example, if the amount of oxygen is too high in your furnace exhaust, the flue gasses are cooler than they should be. In turn this causes cooler supply air temperatures, and it takes longer for your house to heat.
     The result? The air from the furnace doesn’t feel ‘hot enough’ and your furnace uses more gas - costing you more - because it runs longer to get the house up to temperature.
     By making the needed corrections, the flue temperature increases, you feel warmer and you burn less gas overall. Having your furnace combustion maximized is an investment that can pay for itself.
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