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Why you shouldn't have a "Clean & Check" done on your furnace:


Combustion in cars and furnaces are alike. Best performance in cars is achieved by computer analysis of the car’s combustion. In contrast, did you know most heating techs adjust furnace combustion by how the flame looks?

Can you imagine someone looking at the flame and being able to determine the precise adjustment needed to maximize your furnace performance?  No matter how experienced the heating technician is how dependable can it be to make adjustments based on flame color?  Far from scientific, this old fashioned method is very inaccurate.  Yet this is how furnace combustion is evaluated and adjusted on the typical 'Clean & Check'.

We excel in furnace repair in Port Huron MI.

We do it right.

We excel in furnace repair in Marysville MI.

Our Certified Combustion Analysts are equipped with the instruments needed to measure the exhaust gas and scientifically adjust your furnace. The result: our clients can save money and have more comfort!  

So don’t settle for a cheap but ineffective Clean & Check when you can have a high performance Combustion Optimization & Safety Inspection. Call (810) 985-7103 today for a special introductory price. Just ask for the COSI (“cozy”) Promotional Price.”