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Client Feedback Hotline

Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing’s

Client Feedback Hotline

If you want to tell someone how delighted you were by a certain technician or a service that was done for you, leave us your feedback on a special Client Feedback Hotline that we have set up just for this purpose.

Just Dial

(810) 479-5888

We honor the person receiving praise by sharing it in a staff meeting in front of his or her fellow workers.

NOTE: If there is something about a service that was less than satisfactory we absolutely want to also hear from you.  However, to make certain that we know what it is that needs to be done to satisfy you, we would prefer if you called (810) 985-7103 and spoke to one of our Customer Service Representatives directly. 

Please do call so we can resolve the situation.

-Daniel Squires, President