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Online Discount Club Details

Another example of why Vincent's Heating & Plumbing has “The Most Reasons to be Your Best Choice!”

 Vincent's Heating & Plumbing’s
Online Discount Club:

The Online Discount Club is free. Benefits include:
  • $10 Savings off the regular price of repair charges or maintenance services - not the service charge. Simply log in, request a discount coupon, and print it.  Bonus savings of up to $10 are also available on the coupon!
  • Save money on future purchases with Online Discount Club Points. ODC Points are awarded from every service or maintenance transaction with Vincent's Heating & Plumbing over $50. 
  •  ODC Points may be redeemed for rebates from our Online Store, or for cash discounts for in-home services within 30 days or they may be saved to use toward eventual replacement of your heating or air conditioning system.
  • From time to time you can receive notices of special unadvertised discounts only available to Online Discount Club members.
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Who can participate in Vincent's Heating & Plumbing’s Online Discount Club?

Any Vincent's Heating & Plumbing client with a valid email address and Internet access can take advantage of the Online Discount Club.  With your email address you can establish an Online Discount Club membership account here at Vincent's Heating & Plumbing’s website where you will keep track of your ODC Points.


How does the Online Discount Club work?

Provide your email address to the service technician.  After a service call is performed you will be emailed an invitation to fill out a one-minute online report card.  After filling out the report card you will be immediately credited with your ODC Points. 

How can I redeem ODC Points?

After your ODC Points are awarded they will be available in your Online Discount Club account at under the tab "Savings Account".  When you need to use them a certificate can be printed out and given to the technician at the time of service to reduce the total of the service invoice.


What can I redeem ODC Points for?

Points currently awarded can be used toward additional services performed within 30 days of earning points.  Alternatively, ODC Points may be redeemed at any time for Online Store purchase rebates or for replacement of your heating or cooling system at any time. 

What is the redemption value of ODC Points?

Point redemption amount is
  • $1 discount per point for in home services or replacements.
  • $.50 discount per point for Vincent's Heating & Plumbing's Online Store Rebate to purchase products online. (Simply print out online discount club point redemption form(s) and an Online Store rebate from.  Attach to a receipt for an online store purchase.

How many ODC Points will I be awarded for an in-home service purchase?

ODC Points are awarded based on the transaction amount.  VHP Club members receive Bonus ODC Points for purchases over $300.  Here is the award chart:


Spend:                                  Receive:

Repair/IAQ/Maint/ Plbg


VHP Club Member

 Services - Charges Paid


(Bonus Points)


















































Monthly Pay VHP Club members are credited ODC Points based upon the annual value of their agreement at the time of enrollment or renewal.

How many ODC Points can I be awarded for referring a new client?
A new client (no prior purchases) to Vincent's Heating & Plumbing will have their normal ODC Points doubled when they turn in their referral form at the time of purchaseYou will also be awarded the same amount of ODC Points that your referral was awarded on this first purchase.
How do I refer a new client to earn ODC Points?
  1. Login to the Online Discount Club.
  2. Input the promotion code 'REFER'.
  3. Give the form to your referral. The form has instructions on how to redeem.
What Miscellaneous ODC Point program details do I need to be aware of?

1) Points are awarded for in-home services for which payment was received at time of service.

2) Points may not be redeemed to pay for the services for which the points were earned.

3) Client must be in good standing with no outstanding amount owed to redeem points.

4) Redemption period:

a)  Points currently awarded: for additional services performed within 30 days of earning points.
b)  Points may be redeemed for rebates for purchases from Vincent's Heating & Plumbing's Online Store at any time.

b)  All points awarded may be redeemed for replacement or addition of heating or cooling system at any time.

5) Points are for use at the service address earned except as described in 6, below.

6) Points are only transferable when a homeowner moves to a new service address within our service area. 

7) Online Discount Club is only available online. A member must have a valid up-to-date email account.

8) Clients must enroll in Online Discount Club online to be eligible. 

9) Point redemption amount is a $1 discount per point for in-home services or a $.50 per point rebate for purchases from Vincent's Heating & Plumbing's Online Store, and are only valid for purchases made from Vincent's Heating & Plumbing.

10) Points are triggered by returning an online job satisfaction survey. To be awarded points a survey must be returned within 30 days.

11) Points cannot be redeemed to pay VHP Club membership fees or for over the counter purchases.

12) Point redemption discounts or rebates are considered as reductions in the total purchase price and are not considered for additional point awards. 
13) Points have no cash value, and are only used as discounts or rebates according to the details outlined herein. 
14) Points cannot be awarded retroactively. 
15) Vincent's Heating & Plumbing reserves the right to change any and all terms of this program.
The Online Discount Club was formerly known as the Online Client Rewards Program and ODC points were formerly known as Loyalty Points.