A Truce To Thermostat Wars

A Truce to Thermostat Wars

Two People Fighting for Control of the ThermostatThe Kansas City Star (newspaper) recently reported on the "time-honored and temperamental subject" of control of the thermostat. One person turns the thermostat up and one turns the thermostat down.  As you can imagine raising and lowering the thermostat is one of the costliest things you can do.

"This is a battle that spills over into the workplace." Farrel Shuster, owner and president of Fahrenheit, a Philadelphia climate control company, said so-called thermostat jockeys can be such a problem that he has installed dummy thermostats on office walls while hiding the actual temperature-control unit in a manager's office. "Just the ability to move a dial seems to help people," he said.NCI Technician Filling Out Checklist

Very often thermostat wars occur when one person is in one room that is warm and the other is in a room that is cool.  This uneven heating can create havoc among residents and has a variety of potential causes.

We are among a handful of companies in the country certified to diagnose the real cause of your problems. We have the test instruments, procedures, and experience to determine what is causing uneven heat within your home or office. Once we identify the true cause of the problem, we make recommendations to fix the problem. Often, the solutions are simple and very cost effective.
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