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Read what Darlene had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

I have used you guys for at least 15 years maybe more and all I can say is I wish there were more companies like you. Especially living in a small town where it is almost impossible to get things done, calling companies and getting their pet parrots (answering machines). Here one year and gone the next. I always know you will be here. Just want to say thanks. And thanks to Nancy too, I feel like I must know her.

Darlene, Algonac


Read what J.W. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Vincent's Heating and Plumbing,

    We just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and professional staff.  Your serviceman did our spring maintenance on our heating and A/C. He assessed our water heater and set up a replacement for the next business day. He conferred with the water softener representative at our request and behaved in a professional and gentlemanly manner when the other man was defensive.  He represented Vincent's well.  Thank you again for the excellent service.

J.W, Kimball

Read what M.R.G. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Vincent P. & H.

I want to thank Nathan and Tom for the professional job they did installing my new furnace.  Then left everything neat & clean. 

Want to thank Harry for his informative estimate.  He was not at all aggressive in his salesmanship.

I had other estimates, I chose Vincent's because of the 10 year parts and labor on the warranty. 

M.R.G., Kimball


Read what D.C. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

On May 25 I had a furnace installed by your company.  I was very impressed by your employees. Your sales representative took the time to explain the whole procedure, his knowledge & patience was excellent. Next came the installers and again all my questions were answered and explained.  The installation has been done to perfection and I am happy to have chosen your company to do business with.

D.C, Lexington

Read what R.B. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Mr. Squires,
The furnace (and water heater) that your company installed recently in our residence is getting its first use now due to the weather turning cold.  We are happy to report it is responding as it should to make out home warm and comfortable.

We wish to thank everyone who had a part in doing this job for us.  The installers were excellent workers and a pleasure to have in our home. Not only are they knowledgeable in their work, they are polite and exceptionally neat (The garage and basement looked cleaner after they left than it did before they started!!)  It was nice to work with the sales representative and install manager as well.

We are expecting many years of good service from the new furnace and water heater.  It is comforting to know that we have a company upon whom we can rely for service.

Thank you.
R.B,  Lexington

St. Clair

Read what J.G. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Mr. Squires,

Just a short note to let you know that the two furnace and A/C installers were very professional; their work was meticulous and the clean-up impeccable. Indeed, it was a "work of Art."

J.G, St. Clair

Read what J.D. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.


I would like to compliment Tom and Brendan on the workmanship on the recent installation of cold air returns in my basement. Tom is an extremely knowledgeable and competent worker. Brendan was very friendly, watched, learned and keep everything cleaned up in our home.

Last summer, we had a new Condenser unit, line-set and A-coil installed by Tom and Joel. These two exhibited the same competency, knowledge and cleanliness.

We also had to have a thermostat replaced the day we moved in and another service call to diagnosis an AC unit problem. I can't remember the technician's name, however, I was equally impressed with his skill and work ethic. We are new to this home and he marked the supply shutoffs for summer/winter and date and position of the new air filter he installed.

All telephone conversations with your staff have been  friendly and questions answered in good time.

On the invoice enclosed, I had a question about the labor charge, which turned out to be a misunderstanding. Harry was prompt and courteous in explaining the charge.

J.D. St Clair

Marine City

Read what L.B. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Our family sends a huge thank you to the technician that did our yearly inspection last winter.  He found the chimney was plugged and venting into the basement.  He worked very hard at a messy task and got it cleaned out.  We truly feel he was our guardian angel and saved our lives."

L.B, Marine City

Read what G.W. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

He was a great guy and a very efficient installer on electrical, welding, and all phases of the job.  Same for his assistant.  They covered all floors where necessary and the place was cleaner when they left. The salesman also did a great job on his presentation.  All three men were very polite, and smiled like they love their jobs.  These are the type of men I would like working for me.

GW, Marine City


Read what E.M. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Mr. Squires,

I would like to say, at the outset, that writing this type of letter is a first for me.  My reason is that I am so pleased with your company's installation of my new boiler system and boiler-mate that I wanted to let you know.

Having the Vincent's team of installers at my home was a real pleasure.  They were, to a person, friendly, polite, and truly responsive and concerned with my many questions.

In retrospect, the whole experience was great from the salesman to the liner crew and everybody in between without exception.

I certainly will tell my friends and neighbors who they should turn to when they have the same kind of heating problem, how satisfied we are, and how glad we are that we selected Vincent's.

E.M,  Avoca

North Street

Read what V.R. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

I would like to thank the serviceman for the help given me in taking care of a plumbing problem and dispute. Because of his recommendation the dispute has been resolved which could have been very costly to me.

With appreciation,
V.R, North Street

Read what C.L.B. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Daniel Squires,

On Thursday morning 3-12-2009 I called Nancy at Vincent's Heating and Plumbing. I explained to her I didn't have any heat. She told me she would send out a repairman after 10 a.m. that same morning.

After a through inspection, the repairman discovered a large hole in the heat exchange pipe and said this must be replaced A.S.A.P. He said he would order the part. Later that same afternoon I called Colleen and she told me the part would be covered under my warranty.

Friday morning the repairman came out and started disassembling the furnace to remove the worn out heat exchanger. He also told me the part would be delivered to him that same morning. I just wanted to write you a quick note for a great job and also a big thank you with the help on the warranty on my unit. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is replacing a furnace, or air conditioner to make sure and check with your company first! Thanks again on all his hard work and professionalism on a job well done!

C.L.B., Clyde

Read what K.S. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Mr. Squires,

Just a note to compliment you on your service staff. I called Tuesday to have a service man out to check on a squeal in our furnace.  The girl in the office said he would also give us our annual maintenance and service on our central-air unit... The serviceman was very courteous , friendly and had very good work habits. He found our squeal--and fixed our central-air unit.  He also noticed that our sump pump wasn't working in our crawl space... He was in and out of the crawl space about 7 or 8 times. He never complained about it... Now here is a service man you can be proud of.  He definitely deserves a day off with a pay raise.  You are to be complimented for keeping a very caring and efficient staff.

With our appreciation,
K.S, North Street

Fort Gratiot

Read what Anna had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Thank you for calling us back last Sat (Sunday) morning at 3:30 AM. You are awesome. I have been telling everyone about what you did. I know it's your job but your still great!

Anna, Fort Gratiot

Read what T.R. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Every time I deal with someone from your company I intend to write and let you know what a positive experience I have, but unfortunately I have not followed up on that intent.  Last week we had a problem with a gas connection to our dryer so I called and set up an appointment to have one of your staff come out.  At the same time, I decided to have our furnace checked out for the upcoming winter.  As usual, your staff handled the whole experience in a professional manner right from the staff that took the initial call, setting the appointment, to the call itself. The serviceman was polite, informative, knowledgeable and provided prompt service.  I know it takes time and costs money to train your staff to provide this type of service and I want to make sure that I take the time to tell you that I appreciate the professionalism and courteousness of your staff and I am sure most of your other customers do too. Thank you for providing such outstanding service.  I never have a second thought when recommending your company to friends or relatives.

T.R, Fort Gratiot

Read what S.A. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Just want to say how appreciative I am that Vincent's is such a great place to deal with for furnaces.  From start to finish both teams, Mike & his partner were so professional & Mike showed me the cracks in the heat exchanger - answered my questions - showed empathy for my situation.  The appt. was made for Harry who took time to explain & answer my endless questions. So patient! Then Tom & his helper came to install the new furnace.  They were so knowledgeable it seemed.  A great crew working hand in hand.  And the did a great clean-up job. Tom took time to show me the working elements & explain everything to me.  Thanks to everyone,

S.A., Fort Gratiot


Read what Gerald had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Nancy, Harry M., Dave F.,

I would like to express my gratitude for your quick response to the gas leak at my home. Even though it was not an emergency everybody at Vincent's did a very good and responsive job to rectify the problem. I was not expecting this rapid response but I am very grateful for it. I have been dealing with Vincent's for a few years now and have become used to your service and products. Every year my furnace and air conditioner are maintained by your qualified and professional technicians. I wish to thank them as well. When the time comes I will definitely call on Vincent's for my upgrade to a 95% furnace. Once again thank you for a quick response.

Gerald from Croswell

Read what S.B. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear sirs,

    The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the excellent job that two of your employees did at our house today installing our furnace... They arrived on time, worked very efficiently and professionally, and left the house spotless.  They were courteous and quiet. I just thought that I should let you know so that you can commend them.

S.B, Croswell

Port Huron

Read what Mary had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.


Many, many thanks for the great quality workmanship of all the techs I've had these years. Keith = A+ in skill, his workmanship and his person!

Much Appreciated!

Mary from Port Huron

Read what F.O. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Sir,

     I just want to commend all the crew that put a furnace and air conditioner in my home. They worked hard and stayed until they had heat in the house...Good work gentlemen.

-F.O, Port Huron

Read what P.G. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

To whom it may concern,

    This is to let you know that your serviceman has been the most helpful, informative, and reliable serviceman we have ever had.  Thank you very much.

P.G, Port Huron

Read what G.D. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

To the staff of Vincent's,

    Thank you so much for coming at all hours and in nasty weather during my seige of furnace trouble.  I appreciate it very very much.

-G.D, Port Huron

Read what L.G. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

The technician that took care of me was very polite and made me feel at ease. He took care of the problem in a timely manner and answered all of my question. I love VHP and recommend them to all my friends.

-L.G, Port Huron

Read what A.R. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Excellent service from the initial phone contact at 8am through completion of the job at 2pm the same day. Knowledgeable and courteous staff. Especially impressed by the statement related to technician behaviors on the back of your invoice.  Keep up the good work. Thank you.

-A.R, Port Huron

Read what G.U. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Thank you for your special service.  It was extremely gratifying to have our heat back on so quickly.

-G.U, Port Huron

Read what E.B. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Dear Mr. Squires,

I want to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with the service I recently received from your company.  The hot water heater in our recently purchased home began leaking, and having never experienced this situation before, I wasn't sure what to do.  I stopped be your company's location at about noon on Monday, August 23.  I was promptly and courteously greeted and asked what help could be provided.  I explained the situation, and within minutes was told that a technician would be available that afternoon to remove the old unit and install a new one.  That was surprise number one.

The Customer Service Representative and Maintenance/Service Technician was detained at the previous location.  I received a courtesy call explaining that he had been delayed and would be arriving a little later than promised.  I was actually asked "Is that OK?" That was surprise number 2.

When the technician arrived and inspected my heater, he said it appeared to be a leaking valve and said it would be much more inexpensive to just replace the valve. Surprise number 3.  After reviewing the situation, discussing the age of my existing water heater, and explaining options I decided to replace the unit with a new one.  He did not in any way try to pressure me into purchasing the heater I thought I needed.  Surprise number 4.  Since the technician was delayed in arriving at our house, he did not have the new unit with him, and I immediately thought this would mean he'd have to go pick it up. Instead, he said he called and they were going to deliver it while he removed the old unit. Surprise number 5.  He then expertly installed the unit, cleaned the area, and finished the job by approximately 6:00 pm. Surprise number 6.

As I said, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the performance of your staff from the time I walked in until the time the technician left.  The price was exactly as estimated, and while no one likes unexpected expenses, your staff made the experience pleasant. Thank you again, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call.

E.B,  Port Huron

Read what L.M. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Just a note to thank you for your concern for our problem with the proper operation of our new furnace.

Your technician explained each step of the correction as he worked.  We could feel the difference in each room.

I am sure you must be proud of your skilled technicians. All that have served us have been friendly and with a professional attitude.  I will continue to tell others of "Vincent's" service.

-L.M,  Port Huron

Read what D.S. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.


Just thought I would send a quick note to say thank you to Keith for his personal service.  He is not only professional also took the time to give me advice on managing my heating & cooling system. Thanks for going that extra mile for me.

-D.S. Port Huron

Read what I.S. had to say about #COMPANYNAME}.

Have a nice holiday!

We really appreciated the young men that checked our furnace and put in our new furnace. They were very polite and worked so well. 

Thank you
I.S. Port Huron

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